Hi! We are the Green Team!

We are a group of teenagers from Zalesie Gorne, a small village in the centre of Poland. We are lucky to live in a place surrounded by woods where we can enjoy the beauty of nature. But we are also conscious of how fragile the environment is, and how much it needs our help.
Not all of us have watched “The Vampire Diaries”, but we have been inspired by Ian Somerhalder and his foundation. Encouraged by the idea that even the smallest actions may be important, we have decided to support the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and create our Green Team. The message of the ISF is “to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.” We would like to inform about the ISF’s actions, take part in some projects, present our own ideas.
There is so much we can do together to protect and preserve the world around us. We want to make a difference, here and now! ..